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Electron Technical Services Ltd

Jerome House Hallam Fields Road
Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 4AZ
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0870) 0115456
fax: +44 (0870) 0115457


Standby Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Ups), Wireless Networks, Wireless Network Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Ups), Telecommunication System Project Planning Services, Wireless Radio Equipment, Metallic Cabling Screens, Data Switches, Telecommunication Systems or Equipment Installation, Telecommunication Systems or Equipment Maintenance or Repair, Telecommunication Systems or Equipment, Local Area Network (Lan) and Wide Area Network (Wan) Telecommunication Systems or Equipment, Telecommunication Systems Integration, Call Centre Telecommunication System Integration, Data Network Telecommunication System Integration, Structured Cable Telecommunication System Integration, Voice Telephony Telecommunication System Integration, Telecommunication Systems and Services, Hotel Telecommunication Systems Available From Electron Technical Services Ltd Based In Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Click the Links Below To Visit Our Website or Contact Us Via Our Profile Page.